Thursday, February 10, 2011

Exposure || Drive + 75%

I have this hang up. I don't think I am living to my full potential. I am scared. Scared to make a mistake. What am I thinking?! It is like I am scared to be human or something. I hate spending money. I don't travel alone. I hate taking a crappy picture. If a recipe turns out sour, I put my hands up, in surrender. I look like I give up, ya? Well it is probably true. I only accomplish those things that I know I can. Other than that I pretty much take it easy.

I went to college and got a bachelor of science degree. Yup, I did not give up on that. I knew it was possible to accomplish. Now, of course there were those times when I had some HARD test that might have taken me out, but I knew deep down. Just the other day my dad suggested I sign up for a mini triathlon. I began thinking about how I was willing to pay the $40 so I could use a pool and a tread mill. Because I know deep down, I can do it.

How does a person get the drive to try and accomplish a task that 75% of the time could fail? Like when your gut just tells you, it is NOT going to work out. Do we need to focus on smaller goals to get there? I need some kind of visual structure to get where I think it is impossible. Like becoming a professional photographer. I guess if I believe that God wants me to do it, that should be my drive, right? Hmm... pondering.

Here are some pictures of more animals.

Happy cold day!

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