Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exposure || Dramatic Earth + The Snow

Capturing the winter is an interesting affair. With all the gray skies, gray trees, gray earth, and graying snow, I just want to see something fresh and bright. Desperately. Each time there is a calm storm, leaving fluffy white stuff on boughs of green pine and naked branches, I sigh. Though it is cold, I love seeing how clean the earth looks at these moments. The earth is still and dramatic at the same time. You can hear your heart almost. Every little movement is caught, from small footprints in the yard and clumps of snow falling. I love the sky on these days. The blue pierces and the sunsets impress. These times give me blessings so that I might be energetic till spring.

I long for spring, when I can stop using energy to keep warm in the chill. I want to use it for letting loose and let the dreams become possibilities. I also cannot wait to see everyone come out of their caves (homes). You won't catch this anywhere else where it is warm most of the time. Everyone gets active. Like bees. Cleaning the yard, taking walks, clearing sand off the sidewalk, and removing those pesky Christmas lights. It is good.

Spring will come.

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