Friday, February 18, 2011

Exposure || Heart Aftermath

I never knew how to appreciate Valentine's day. I still don't really understand it and, seriously, it paralyzes me. It comes with expectations that the media has slammed in my face. In life's little situations where expectations run high, I do the same. I know that coming up to this day of hearts I tried to avoid the looming expectations, that way I could respond to whatever came my way.

After the day came and went I realized that the media puts expectation all in the wrong place. When I spend my energies on the excitement of showing others I care, expecting things from others or worrying that my contributation to the day isn't enough, just doesn't come into consideration. For those of you who don't have anyone to dote on you or give you warm fuzzies, realize that it isn't in what you can take. It is what you have to offer to just about anyone. When I engulfed myself in my reaching out, I was happily surprised at what I got in return. It isn't like I had low expectations from others, I just knew that the focus was on what I expected from myself.

Yes, I was thrilled to receive these beautiful white roses from Christopher.

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