Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exposure || Lemons

Lemons symbolize the freedom that I dream of. Not the sour taste, but the freshness and ways in which it enriches our lives. It cleanses the air and quenches thirst in the summer time. I don't really want a life without rough spots, but I do want a life where I am living to my full potential and purpose with the ones I love around.

I realize more and more that I like to be with people when I feel I have a mission. I like to help people sort out their clutter and clarify the visual dissonance in a room or image. It feels good to share common ground and laugh about some inside joke. Learning about how people show they care is also pretty fascinating.

Skip the misunderstanding and see where they are coming from first! I will be the one to raise my hand and say that I don't always fit my feet in someone else's hypothetical shoes. So basically, I want to take those lemons from the grocery shelf, put them in my basket, make a purchase, and put them into my life for realz!

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