Sunday, January 9, 2011

Travel || Boston Uncovered

I would love to travel to different cities and discover their signature styles. Discovering new designs and ways of living is pretty fascinating. Give me a history textbook and I will flip to the anthropology (with a 'y' ladies) section. There I find people's lives. They come alive in my mind and once I picture their homes, how they cook, and what they buy I can handle the wars and dates much easier. Despite wanting to discover distant lands, my heart still finds Boston to be the all time favor-ite.

I know that maybe I cannot justify that until I see rainy Seattle, the Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco, and hot Texas towns like Houston. I am very biased because it is so close to me, physically speaking. I become overwhelmed in new situations STILL, even at almost 27. But when I was 13 and had to visit Tufts every month due to braces, I ended up informing my mom about where we should be on the T. I used to always take the subway, but not till this last year did I really discover the value in just WALKING around.

For a while I thought Boston was huge, because I always took the T. When I started walking around I realized that for the most part everything is only a few miles away from each other. Not unless I want to take a trip over to BU will I really want to take the T anymore. The last time I visited Boston was on New Years Eve. I decided that it was about time this town was uncovered. I wanted to get pictures of places that the tourist might not suddenly stop for, causing pedestrian pile ups. Here are some of those discoveries.

I think that my brother Bobby would appreciate this picture. Architecture in Boston is like hidden treasure. You have to search the side streets for the unexpected and unique.

I cannot get over this location. It is like Barnes & Nobles taken to another level. Tad bit cold though.

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