Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Old... Why Run?

I enjoy old things. When I was a kid I LOVED wearing old shoes. You know what it is like when you wear someone else's shoes, how the palm of your foot just does not match up in that thing. An old shoe fits my foot perfectly, it just knows me. Most of my shoes end up pretty loose too. I always hated tying and untying my shoes. Clogs were the best thing, especially in my mother's opinion.

Old friends. They come with inside jokes and stories about the "good old days". Older folks have lots of wisdom and relay stories to us about how life was simpler, different, and almost foreign. Thinking about the fact that most of the buildings and castles in Europe are thousands of years old while we sit here in America and think that old is 200 years, is pretty fascinating. One day I will get to see those old places. For now all I have to show you is the old town center of Shirley. Enjoy!

There are so many beautiful things about the old, so why is it that we fear growing old? I know that becoming less energetic and wrinkly is not all that swell, but only thinking about it will make it more noticeable. Focus on what makes the old so wonderful. It knows. It has been to the hills and back alive.

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  1. I like old shoes too! And old clothes. There's just something about a favorite sweater. However, I do not like my mom's old computer. Some things are just meant to be replaced. :)