Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jewels Within

Without pictures I can still see. The world is full of untruths. Sometimes they are enticing... how they allure you in how instant they present themselves. As a perfectionist visually perfect things make me spin. Then I have to steady my heart and remember where I came from, who I really am, and what I want to get across in this life. Beauty is important, but when the focus gets twisted in the direction of manipulation... its a real knock off. You can never think past the eye candy. Feelings less than skin deep. They just do not exist.

I want to capture the truths in this spinning world. I want the energy to still be seen... not in the control, but in the lack there of. What is faith without chaos? What is believing in something without a little mystery? What is trust without a little life? So after reevaluating my perceptions, I want to show the world what already exists, not what we wish to exist.

The Kingdom of God does not have to be something we merely wait for. It can be a jewel in our hearts that bursts with light through our green, blue, brown, violet, hazel, and amber eyes. It can speak clearly through our laughter and silent smiles. Deep within we can feel how powerful this Kingdom rushes our hearts. Driven we become knights fighting for others to see the jewels within. This is where I want to come into play.

I want to remind others that our treasure is within. (I should probably clarify that without God we cannot realize our potential and so we in and of ourselves are nothing) I do know that we cannot be fully who God designed us to be until we reach our real home and Kingdom, but for now we are like gypsies. We can take God wherever we want to here. Those sheep skins and alters DO rest deep inside, while we walk through this wilderness called Earth.

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