Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Portrait Sessions || Christopher

I needed practice with portraits. I needed practice taking pictures of gentlemen. Well, I think I need practice in general with everything so that is besides the point. But I recruited my boyfriend for the practice. With hesitation he complied. I am thankful for his cooperation. I am finding it strange that I am not satisfied with any of my pictures till I look at them on my computer. I am not satisfied when I am trying to find a location. I am not satisfied with what I see through the viewfinder. I am not satisfied with what I see on the LCD screen. This does not mean I am not satisfied with the subject though. ;) But when I get those pictures onto the screen I finally see the potential. I then want to try again... what is it that makes me so unsatisfied? My camera is not my third eye. My camera is not my third arm or even foot. So strange. I have taken millions of pictures on this thing and it still seems so foreign to me. Anyways, I am putting up pictures from today. I really hope Christopher doesn't mind. I like the pictures so that should count right?

This one is my favorite. I am sure he will have his opinion to share. Haha....

I like the lighting on this one but it is pretty basic.

The basement is apparently a good place to take pictures. I like his shirt in this one.

Side shot. The lighting is fun with this one. I thought the light switch was a nice touch.

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