Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boston || Number Mission

Friday I went into Boston not really knowing what I was going to photograph. I went there just to photograph so I had to come up with something quickly. Earlier that day I thought of finding numbers but then quickly moved on to another thought. The we saw this pretty cool number 99 on one of the buildings downtown. So on the Number Mission went.

I became increasingly brave. I would stand there in front of a store's doorway, blocking sidewalk traffic and ignoring onlookers from within and out. Sometimes a little fear would grow inside as I would watch Chris photographing a number. People would go out of their way to find out what it was that we were concentrating on. I would start processing several thoughts as to what they might be thinking. But in the end I became increasing confident about finding and catching these digits.

One area of Boston is revolutionary. Stuck back in time, yet revitalized for the 21 century. Gas lamps still glow and brick/stone walks still exist. I quickly went to one door and grabbed a picture of this pretty awesome door knocker. I had to walk up several steps in an open area to get to it so I was afraid that someone was going to come out that door only to be confronted by my 50 mm lens. I am pretty sure the folks are used to tourists anyways.

You can also see the reflection of the homes across the street in the shiny paint. One home had this ivy growing on it that looked like it was placed just perfectly. Manicured ivy. So weird. It is like walking into livable showcases.

You can see the rest of the numbers I felt worthy of uploading on my Flickr account.

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