Monday, March 8, 2010

My World... Stirred and Not Shaken

I thought I had the right kind of determination today. I went out into the warm weather with my camera and took a drive. I drove for an hour and a half on back roads. The only determination I had was to drive around and hope for something inspiring. I got home with a few conclusions... taking pictures of things just doesn't fill that useful feeling. Who wants to look at another object? People like to look at pictures of people. They get to relate, sympathize, envy, and feel pretty much whatever they want to feel. Objects can look beautiful and be like eye candy for a while, but in the end it doesn't remind you of happiness or life. It just stares at you, telling you absolutely nothing. Sometimes we can get feelings from images portraying objects, but it is rare. Maybe that is where the challenge should lie. I know that I have been avoiding photographing people. Connecting with people on a deep level is intense. You must connect on a deep level in order to stand out as a portrait photographer. That is at least how I see it. I can also see that my own face has a hard time being photographed... I can see how hidden I have become.

So I resorted to eating left over frost-bitten dairy free ice cream. What do you think if I changed my logo to just a "K"? I think it is pretty awesome.

I did manage to photograph a fire hydrant... because it was orange.

People.... They have risk written all over them. The only One that we can fully depend upon is God. It does not mean we cannot trust people, it just means that we need to understand the human limitation. God is the only one that can even trust Himself enough to say that He is the Way and the Life. Now I will just post a people picture. This is Chris's neice, Lily. She likes to share. : )

And this is Chris. I cannot seem to help putting him in the majority of my posts. Besides he is my cheerleader here. Why not? He isn't usually this stern looking.

These belong to Chris. He has a thing for sneakers and I had to get a picture of them because... well... they are orange.

I think I will definitely go with the "K" for the logo. It just looks simpler.

Though I am pretty much frustrated with my mind in the photography department, it is bringing me to a quick realization about my priorities in life. This is one reason why photography is pretty fascinating for me. It reveals to me that I look at the world a certain way and also what I am afraid of.

This post is pretty much scatter-brained. Yup.

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  1. I like the KAM.ERA look, but the K looks good too! Awesome pictures!