Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winter Comes, Winter Can Go

Winter has been awfully strange this year. Though it has been cold, the temperature hanging out in the teens, we have mostly had sunny days. Not much snow has fallen, but this past week the snow finally did come. Without the wind. Sabbath afternoon I went out with Chris to take a few pictures. I was a bit disappointed because it had gotten warm and so the snow on the roads had melted. It was so beautiful riding down the road in the winter wonderland while the sun was shining earlier that morning! But I got a few pictures anyways of what it is like here in the south of New England.

Now I have to say that all of the shots I posted above were taken where I had to stand knee deep in a snow bank. I did not wear boots... smart. I even plopped myself down in the snow unintentionally, trying to turn around and head back to the road. This is where I then took a picture of Chris staying dry on the road, making strange hand gestures. : )

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