Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Soup Kitchen In A Coin Wrapper

I have no idea where I was going with yesterday's post. I think about it and "oh my goodness" is produced. Plain and simple. Today I tapped into the Christmas spirit finally. Though I had the wish of working in a soup kitchen I got to do something similar. I did not know this was a long kept tradition in this household, but we have been donating loose change for ADRA missions for a while now. I do remember as a kid going around our old house looking for quarters, nickles, dimes, and yes pennies.

Some hot spots were as follows: junk drawer in the kitchen, on top of the dryer/washer in the basement, in Dad's night stand (mwahahaha), Mom's messy desk in the corner, and the best place.... *drum roll*.... the COUCH! Yes, I think it is a popular location for slippery metal items. Oh and crumbs. Icky.

Today was a little different. We are much more organized than years ago. Yes, I can say "years ago" now, I am that old. Ha. So now every time we find loose change during the year we put it in this huge pickle jar that chills in a cabinet. We also find loose change in our wallets... something I did not bother to carry around as a kid.

Though I probably will not be able to go to a soup kitchen, I will be able to help the people out in places where food and shelter is also needed. This made my heart that much lighter. God is good. I had to document the endeavor. Also this photography blog needed a picture.

Mom was also wrapping presents. For some reason the Birthday wrapping paper snuck into the picture. This goes out to all you folks who have a Birthday on or near Christmas. There needs to be that divide. :)

In other news, I think we are on for the family photoshoot on Thursday. It all depends on the schedules and weather. I really need to buck up when it comes to portraits. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. Just like a choo-choo train. I am thankful for the opportunities that arise. They come without much effort. The effort gets put into the fun!

Oh... I also learned that a zoom lens will change the aperture when you zoom in and out. Because a telephoto lens does not usually work well at a wide aperture the camera has to compensate when I go from a wide angle to telephoto. If this is hard to understand let me know. Maybe I am the only one that has been in the dark. Fixed lenses are looking better all the time! Even if I have to get exercise in the process. Wait, exercise is good. Sweet!


  1. Good old birthday two days after christmas... I was bad though and wrapped them all in the same paper. This year, she won't care. Next year, she will!

  2. Your family is so nice to share love and blessing every winter season. Even if it’s just several coins, it is amazing that you want to let the others feel what Christmas is all about. Anyway, Christmas is just several days from now. Have you started wrapping up coins like you used to do?

    @Harriett Faulks