Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Peeps + Balls of Fire

Tonight I completed my semester of courses. I am slightly bummed because it is always exciting to hope for new information and to have the chance to hang out with new peeps. New peeps are awesome. We discover together. I think that the combination of people and learning is the greatest. When people get together to learn, how the thoughts and ideas start clicking, is binding. It is so cool to be able to understand something with someone, or even not understand something.

So I was looking through a blog post by the photographer Jamie Delaine who was introducing someone on today's entry. The site is Sindisiwe Photography. This photographer has some pretty cool missions that are similar to what I would like to do in the future. It is inspiring to see something that is close to your own goal. I sometimes wish that I could just touch what I have been called to do. For some reason I only see glimpses of it right now. Maybe I am just in preparation, God will show me when. So this gave the extra punch for the day.

I have been rather discouraged. Like its a dead end street. It is probably why my posts are not satisfactory in my opinion. There is no direction. No focus. But tonight I feel a little more confident. I know that each little spark that I get is just another chance at starting a bon-fi-are! I thirst for a fire. Is that an oximoron?

Here is a Great Ball of Fire for ya. :)

Here is a picture of my cat Beave who is now almost 19 years old. He loves the fire too. Here I caught him looking like he was watching the flames. He looks a little ticked that I was laughing at him. This was a year ago... now he cannot hear me laughing at him.

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  1. Krystal, Maybe your cat Beave, knowsmore than you do, I've readsomewhere animals actually have a sense for the spiritual rim. Like they have a connection with the eternal fire of Judgement. If only they can speak what we might be able to learn, Ah?