Monday, December 14, 2009

Tradition To The Hot Sun

I am thinking about how I do not really feel like I need to study for my final. I just do not. I did this all for fun and not a grade's sake. But at the same time I know that if I wanted to get a degree in such things I would need to do pretty good. I think I will be fine and then I think I will not be fine.

I am also thinking about how I would like to work in a soup kitchen for Christmas. Or hang out with less fortunate people. The kind of people that have weathered faces but smiles throughout. They know how to find love, search love... because that is all that they have to contribute. That is my theory anyways. There could be an old crab out there. I bet that old crab would be most intriguing. I have bought a bunch of presents but I do not really feel like decorating a tree.

I kind of would like to experience a California Christmas. That would be awesome. I would decorate a palm tree and maybe a plastic flamingo. Then I would chill by the ocean, breathe in the salty air, and wish everyone a happy Christmas. I am discovering that though I enjoy a tradition when it occurs, I never demand one. I hate change and so that would be the only thing holding me into the bells and firs and snow. I need to push myself out of this bubble. This happy little bubble called Christmas. I would look for a homeless shelter and experience the challenges that come with. I need some reviving. I need some giving. I mean I need to just give. I want to be around people who give. Who want to give. Who will take my giving, like it is candy. I want to watch people. I want to watch all the people. New people. I like watching people. Especially in airports.

I LOVE being in airports. Even though I spent 12 hours in O'Hare, I will always love the airport. I love walking through it like I know where I am going. I like watching the business. The productivity. I like how I cannot buy anything in the airport because it is so outrageously priced. I love the efficiency. Even though there are cancellations or delays or mix ups. It is minimal in comparison to how many people exist in the airport. There are so many lives that pass through those places! How a plane even makes it to its final destination is beyond me.

So maybe I should spend Christmas in the airport. Next to security. THAT would be fun to watch.

This blog entry is not very photography-ish. Christmas is one big photograph anyways. I am also feeling better. I can start thinking about more photo shoots!

Peace. Love. And Joy. And a Christmas picture.

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  1. This is my third, and final California Christmas. It reached 82 degrees today, according to my car's thermometer. And Disneyland makes "snow" made of bubbles. I'm told we're to have a "cold" Christmas, though. Which means we might actually hit the 50s during the day!