Saturday, December 12, 2009

Goals Without The Sneeze

So I have been feeling pretty icky today. Sneezing, blowing the nose, drinking water like crazy. You know how it works. I wish that I could put up a decent post but I will have to keep it short.

I think I have a couple more families that want their picture taken! I was supposed to go with my parents to someone's home for dinner last night but due to being sick I stayed home. When they got back I was told that some more people wanted Christmas pictures. If I can just get well I can get going on that. It should be a fun family to work with. I have taken pictures of their kids before and they definitely enjoy the camera.

There are also a few inspirations within my mind that I would like to accomplish. As of now I cannot say what they are until they materialize. I always seem to have ideas but never follow through with them. Hopefully I can make progress. It is always good to have tangible goals mixed in with a few crazy ones. Since I have been laying around these couple of days I have really been thinking about what there is in life to enjoy. Beauty is so much more evident when we take the time to think of the blessings in life.

Have a good rest of the weekend!

The beach is a great place for pictures. This sand was so soft and white! These are a couple of friends of mine from college. They are still happily dating... I believe.

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