Wednesday, October 29, 2014

North Central Massachusetts Family Photographer | Currie Family

Others can talk all they want about how their autumn on their side of the country is just that awesome. What they cannot do is experience the way the maples will surprise us each year with those deep reds or just orange the next. A tree may stand strong with vibrance down south, but in New England there are forests and dense gatherings of them on the side of a winding road in back country. The hills allow us to see the great expanse and smell the crisp air and breathe deep the foliage. 

Oh, man I am going to miss it there! I am only reminiscing because I am no longer in the upper six states. This post is really about an awesome family of three. Besides the brightness of the leaves, their happiness is evident. Each time that I get to photograph, again, a growing family I get to know them a little better. Naturally interacting with each other while I shoot away is what I enjoy most. Children will distract you that way. ;)

Connecting is something that is special just for us humans. We can use it harmfully or for the best. I love capturing these gems in time. We all need to be reminded of what it means to live. I hope that I have done my job. Thank you Dave and Kari for an enjoyable time! Oh and for that extra apple cider donut. As fresh, it's a taste of heaven.

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