Thursday, November 6, 2014

North Central Massachusetts Family Photographer || Lizbeth & Abby

It is a dreary day here around Philly so I figured it was a good day to post a blog with beautiful faces and bright colors. Lizbeth and Abby are a mother-daughter duo that you can tell are closer than glue. Lizbeth's sister is my sister-in-law so we are practically family. I wanted to be able to get some pictures for them before moving so this is the morning of moving day!  It was chilly but you can't tell by all the fiery leaves. ;)

When I took this picture, I finally realized that Abby had light eyes. I was a blundering fool and said it out loud. Haha.

Hey, what is a mother-daughter session without a little interaction? Keeping it real.

My FAVORITE. I have another that is horizontal.

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