Thursday, August 28, 2014

North Central Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer | Personal @ Camp Winnekeag Part 2

So I thought there were more pictures... haha. There are plenty but sometimes my eyes capture more photos than what I actually snap with my camera. Looking back at these pictures a few weeks later I see where I could have taken more and also I see how I have progressed over time. When I last was at camp taking pictures I thought my photos were AMAZING. Now I look at my work and see that I have come a long way and now am capturing what I envision. I see documentation and environment. I sense the feeling and wonder. It all should make any person want to go to camp now. :)

I know that the last couple of days of camp I wasn't feel so well so I didn't get to capture everything, but what I have I will treasure and hope that others will treasure them as well. The funny thing about taking pictures is that you can't waste time, you can't procrastinate, and you can't say I will get to that. It is now or never! I procrastinate and regret my time. Sometimes a pleasure can be a tool (or a pain for some), so I am glad that I have something to measure my accountability. 

You all should go to camp. That is all.

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