Sunday, March 9, 2014

North Central Massachusetts Lifestyle Photography | Tara & Sophia

I know that the spring will come slowly but I am especially thankful for the warmth of the sun today. Even though its in the high 30s the birds are singing, I got to go into the out of doors, and also take some photographs for a friend that I have photographed several times. I cannot believe that Sophia is already 2! I remember when I took some new born pics of her. Time flies!

Tara and Sophia came for a visit and I thought that taking them to an ice cream shop would be a fun idea. I literally opened the place. I went in even though the door said "closed", but it was unlocked! I swear! Poor employees were like "we aren't open till noon (in 2 minutes) but you can come in anyways." I think I have become very assertive in my 30s. Maybe. Well  I am up for an adventure when I have my camera in hand. Anything else, forget it. No camera? Forget it. Ha. 

I had a lovely time with these ladies at the ice cream shop and also near my home. Enjoy!

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