Sunday, March 2, 2014

North Central Massachusetts Event Photography | Godencounters 2014 part 1

I am truly blessed and I know that I probably have been repeating it frequently but I cannot stop from saying how good God has been to me. I have given Him the reigns to figure out where I am supposed to go with my talent and without a doubt He has given me the opportunities to let HIS light shine and not mine. Once I know that it is all for Him and that He has the control I don't have to worry about a thing. Ya, I am going to critique my work till the day I am done but at least in the end I don't have to be concerned with failure. 

Don't let me fool you. I fail. A lot. I fail at not taking chances. I am scared of the possibility to do something stupid or make someone upset. I am afraid of others criticizing my work or thinking that I am in the way. I have fears. But here is the thing, either way I am going to fail so why not take a chance and live a little. Why not experience a little embarrassment in order to show others that there is happiness, joy, and LIFE in Jesus. In the end others won't even see me and my short comings. They will see Christ. Honestly my heart often only sees the imperfections when I work. I do the best to capture moments and when I look back and see what I have captured God works on my and says "you may have seen a million cords in the way or that the lighting was just not ideal... but I saw praise, adoration, and a spark of love for Me."

Yep, it isn't what I can do. It is what God can do through me. I have been blown away by the responses. I have been taken aback by what I didn't realize I captured. If I can help reach a heart for God and draw others to events that will introduce them to God, I think that I have only touched on what the possibilities are. I want others to see what God has done. I want others to see that living for God is the only option. I want them to see that this is what we were made for. 

God encounters. We need that encounter with Christ every day. This event that I photographed was an excellent opportunity to capture worship with young adults. This opened my eyes to so many things. The music, communion, and talk was all an awesome experience and I hope that young adults that have not had the opportunity to experience this event will take the time to consider the next. Here in New England we do it every year and if you go maybe we can have the opportunity to meet. God has given me the opportunity to again be the photographer. I never knew that this would be my destiny. 

Enjoy His presence. Enjoy life. Eternity is at your finger tips.

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