Wednesday, November 13, 2013

North Central Massachusetts Worship || reMix

Getting together as Christians in a fresh new environment once a month is something that I enjoy. Ya, most of the time I am snapping away taking pictures and trying to figure out the low light. But I really do enjoy the atmosphere. It is positive and relaxed. I believe God enjoys watching us serve Him while using our best talents. From speaking to playing music we all have the opportunity to exalt Him in what He designed us to do.

I posted pictures last month from reMix, a worship service held in the Strand theatre in Clinton. It welcomes everyone and encourages instagramming... my kind of service! Even without those things you really get a good picture of who God is as Friend AND Father. We can get all caught up in Him being our friend, without taking into account the consequences of our sins. reMix portrays both sides in balance.  It shows that not only does God show us where we have gone wrong into sin, but He shows us how to succeed and forgives with great compassion. The way a father should.

God has given us the opportunity to see life and to live it more abundantly. I encourage everyone who reads this to take one Saturday to come and fellowship with those who know that there is Someone greater than our sorrows and sins. Someone who will help us to live!

I decided to go all black and white with the photos from last Sabbath. Enjoy!

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