Monday, November 18, 2013

North Central Massachusetts Lifestyle Photography || First Time Candlepin Bowling

There are first for everything. In photography I have had a million firsts and still have many more to experience. Saturday night was a "first" experience for me. My sister and brother in law decided to take their girls candle pin bowling for the first time, last minute. And I thought to myself, "I can bring my off camera flash set up and snap away!" Well after getting to the bowling alley I second thought my decision because, well, bright bursts of light could be distracting to other people. 

Man, I really wanted to use that flash but despite the low indoor lighting and my fear of high ISOs, I managed. Every event and activity has a similar approach when photographing, but with each activity there are different positions to avoid or hurry up and capture. Not sure how one is supposed to capture a first time bowler but I guess there is room to grow for both sides of the camera. :)

Definitely had a good time with it! Enjoy!

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