Sunday, November 3, 2013

North Central Massachusetts Family Portraits || The Lallos

I enjoy others that have lots of energy. I am quiet in groups usually and in new situations so when others are bursting with enthusiasm and personality I watch in awe that what I observe. The Lallos are a fun family and definitely were eager to try different places and look their best. Even though the leaves have pretty much fallen from all the trees I was able to catch a little bit of the color this morning. 

Photography has shown me how even when the days get shorter, the colors become only grey, there are still spots of loveliness. I think that it is God's way of showing me the blessings and how to stay positive in this life. Not only were there colors and light, this family has love. Doesn't matter how cold it is out there! You guys were brave and did very well going out there to get photos taken. I think we had much success!


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