Sunday, October 20, 2013

North Central Massachusetts Family Portraits | The Munroe's

I won't need to mention how beautiful autumn here in New England is again. You can see the evidence just keeps pouring through each post! Today I had the privilege of photographing a family with a pretty energtic little fellow. The more I photograph families the more I find that it is easy to see those connections. Not only because I am getting more experience, but families are very interactive. I like capturing what they do naturally and in between those poses I make sure that I get what really makes people look back and think of fond memories. Kids grow up fast and each moment that we get to capture them in each step of life, the better we will remember those moments. 

Thank you Tara and Doug for letting me photograph your little family. Landen is such a fun guy. He moved quick but I was glad to capture just who he was. 


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