Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Honeymoon || Yosemite on Sabbath

The first Friday of our trip we quickly got to Yosemite before dark so that we could nail down a camp site above the valley at the Bridal Veil Campsite. It was a lot colder up there (in the 30s and 40s), compared to the valley  so we got in some hard core camping! Sabbath we roamed Glacier Point and the valley just taking in the scenes. 

The animals are crazy there from all the feeding that the tourist do. This one mallard was CA-razy! It was ready to eat my lens. We had lunch by the river with El Capitan above us, which is definitely not an every day experience. It is definitely a beautiful place and I would like to see it in the spring when the falls are a little more prominent.

Sabbath morning at our campsite.

Glasier Point.

Half Dome.

El Cap

the crazy mallard!

This was a cool discovery! too back we were too late in finding it.

Nevada Falls (upper) and Vernal Falls (lower).

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