Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yosemite || 2 More Days

The rest of our stay in Yosemite was quite interesting. We stayed one more night up at Bridal Veil Campground with the deer. We had to keep our food in a "bear box" so that if bears came they wouldn't be able to get to our food or destroy our belongings. We lounged along the river the following morning just soaking up the sun, beach style. At one point during the day we saw a rescue helicopter stop in to get some equipment from the firefighters. 

We spent one night in the Ahwahnee Hotel inside the park. Pretty impressive place and most of the decor was original. The hotel was established in the park before it became a national park, so that will give you an idea of how old it is. After our stay there, with much needed rest, we took a little hike on the John Muir Trail. It is a paved trail (to help with erosion) but this trail was steep! Very weird to walk straight up on pavement. The tourist around us were walking this thing with gallons of water, hand bags (I mean BAGS), with heeled shoes, and well I don't think they knew that it would be that  intense. The pavement can be very deceptive. Well I will show you pictures now.

Our first campsite in full view.

Along the river. Then it was more of a creek since it was the end of the summer.

I loved the fields there.

Rescue helicopter.

Yosemite Firefighter.

The hotel in the back veranda.

Inside the lobby area. That fireplace was huge. Chris could stand in it just fine with room to spare.

Original paint and chandelier.

Here is the dining room. Chris and I had dinner here which will be a one in a life time experience. There was even some live piano music. Ya I like my simple life the way it is, but it was an interesting thing to experience.

Campsite #2 in Upper Pines. You have to reserve this location. Somehow we got lucky. Maybe the virus scared everyone away (it was in another part of the park)?

Up on the John Muir Trail.

None of the tourist would come down on the rocks below the bridge. New Englanders know how to do it right. We chilled on the rocks like we were something else.

Ya..... they had a sink. A granite countertop sink. What?!

This is where we made our escape off the trail. *gasp*

Vernal Falls. In the spring that whole dark area is all waterfall. Must. Come. Back.

I got a little spray.

Popular photo opp in Yosemite. In the spring you can't even see the rocks in the river.

I still think that El Cap is my favorite. Here we are chillaxin' together.

A little chapel in the park. I thought it was pretty awesome.

Sign at the entrance of the hotel.Very rustic, just like the hotel itself.

Another photo location. Too bad Bridal Veil is pretty much nonexistent here. Oh well. Still beautiful!

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