Thursday, October 18, 2012

Honeymoon || Windy Route 1 & San Francisco

What is a trip through California without traveling Rt 1? Well, I have to say that you need to be selective in how much traveling you do on said road. The turns and deep embankments can have you up in knots if you aren't careful. The scenery was fantastic! The way the fog would roll in toward the cliffs and get stuck there, was different. Only a few times on this road did we actually see the bluest water. I have captured it to show you that, yes, there is water on the other side of the USA. I almost wondered. :)

I took a lot of the pictures with my hands and camera out the window. It became very strategic. Once we reached San Francisco and had some rest we got up the next morning to quickly look at the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard St. We needed to be sure to be down in Yosemite before nightfall so that we we would be able to have a camping spot. Yes we camped, but that is for another post.

This trip was more than a honeymoon by the way. It was a trip that both of us have wanted to take for a long time and know that we won't be able to take another like it for a LONG time. Traveling was something we discussed and know we both enjoy. So yes you can look at these and feeling like "no I am not invading the honeymoon zone". We wanted and want others to enjoy what we enjoyed. Nature!

This shot took a lot of work for some reason. Haha!

Put a bird on it.

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