Sunday, October 14, 2012

Honeymoon || Redwoods

There are only a select few moments in life that are surreal I believe. Getting married was pretty surreal. It will be one time in my life where I will have to depend on the memories, photos, and a future of being with the perfect man for me to remember that surreal moments exist.. on wedding days. There are other surreal moments that you can revisit and anticipate over and over again. This one time was more than just a moment, it was a place. It made me think of Heaven and what it may be like. 

It started the evening we crossed the California line at dusk. It was starting to grow dark and there we were winding through the mountains in our little Fiat. I felt like I was in the mountains of Pennsylvania and New England but BIGGER. The mountains hugged me. We traveled farther into the mountains, following Katherine the GPS, until we came upon the most magnificent thing. With only headlights to guide we could only see the stumps of these ginormous Redwoods. I felt like a small child along side Chris, who was equally childlike. I forgot everything I ever remembered that bogged me down (not that I was bogged down before, I just got married!) I was just there in that moment is what I mean. "There's one! OH and there is another HUGE one!" "NO wait this one is even BIGGER!" So close to the road they were, I felt like I was in a story book forest. 

The next day we drove through the forest during the day and it was just as beautiful and .... what do I really say? I can't even give you a picture to describe how majestic everything felt. We stopped at a grove called Lady Bird Grove and walked around in the trees. Driving was cool, but walking in it? Ya. Can you tell that is was my favorite place? There wasn't one bug buzzing in my ear, the path was smooth and soft. The forest was quiet, the kind of quiet that is welcomed and comforting. Everything was big. The clovers were enormous and the ferns were taller than me! Heaven certainly touched this place. 

The way the sun came through the trees was pretty amazing too. Since the trees are so tall the rays of light were able to reach through and touch us. California, you have smog, but you make up for it in your trees. God is good and when He said it was good, He really knew what He was talking about. Who am I to question?

Oh and yes we were THOSE tourist. We paid $5 to drive through a tree. Pretty cool.

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