Monday, October 15, 2012

Lili's 4th Birthday Party

I decided to branch out a little and try using my Coolpix 530 yesterday. Sometimes carrying around a big bulky camera can get in the way or just be plain intimidating. There are pros and cons to using a compact camera but I figure that if you are wanting to be artistic and well nonjudgmental about the technique, it will do just fine. Our eyes determine the composition anyways. I have been very critical of my work lately and so this was my attempt at trying to be carefree and ready to just capture the
moments, not the science behind it all. I tried using flash, but the images were washed out. I resorted to no flash and more blur. I also cropped them to square images.

Here is Luci sharing some skittles with her cousin Emi.

Chris is down in Mississippi and was unable to come to Lili's birthday party (it was also his 30th birthday yesterday) so I told Lili I wanted to get a picture of her for Chris. This is what we got. Reese's pieces and all. :)

 Luci figured out that her Pop Pop would open the packages of skittles for her. Here she is coming back with another bag.

A quiet moment amongst the noise. My favorites.

Not so quiet here. Just as fun to see!

Cutting her own cake.

Cupcakes are always better.

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