Friday, March 4, 2011

Travel || Boston Uncovered + # Project

Yet again I was found in Boston finding random things to take pictures of. It was rather windy and still cold so in order to really enjoy this adventure I had to pull out the positivity trick. The following picture (Holocaust Monument) is probably something that a LOT of people have seen. Sometimes it is the thousands of lives, destroyed by insanity, that need to be remembered and looked at once again. These are a teeny portion of the numbers identifying the people killed during the Holocaust...

This picture is for all of you who LOVE Starbucks. I had forgotten about this little detail tucked in the city until my mom pointed out, "Look! Krystal, get a picture of that tea kettle with the steam coming out of it!" Well I was unable to catch a shot of it with the steam, but it really does come out of that thing. It isn't every day that you see that kind of animation. There is also another Starbucks near Boston Common that is very quaint and woody.

These next 3 images are for my Number Project. My mom noticed the "No. 20" and thought I should get a picture of it for the project. It got me inspired to find some more numbers. I LOVE the "10 1/2".

SOoo glad it is Friday!

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