Monday, January 24, 2011

Personal || Negative Digits + Productivity

Today has been very productive with the website. I am quite glad. I not only conquered that pesky baroque background, I also created a "send" button for the contact page and completed my logo (aka initals). I wish that you could all see it right now, but oh well. Another big thing that I have to complete for the website are the galleries. Carefully picking what pictures I want to display for my "portfolio" takes much thought you know.

In other news, it has been COLD today. I left the house for a little while this morning and the dash in my car told me it was -8 degrees. Ya... my nose was sticking. Right now my feet are cold even in the house. Despite that, the sun shown in all its glory. Not a cloud in the sky.

Well there isn't much else to say, so I will leave you with a couple pictures I snapped this afternoon. I had to ease the itch to take pictures.

Happy Brrrrr Day!

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