Thursday, December 30, 2010

Personal || Another Kind of Exposure

Onions. When they are cut, they make you cry. Pealing their outer layer of brownish skin can become taxing at times. Fried, they are sweet. Raw, you get the bite and the burn. Onions have layers. Round, circling layers in either green, white, or purple. Burrowed in the ground they only come out for partial examination.

I feel like an onion. Exposed and raw I can burn your expectations and speak with a bite that cuts the bubble of bliss right out. I would love to be sweet, but frying me would change my chemistry. Transparency would suit me though. I have layers and surprisingly every single one of them is the same... circular and growing smaller and even more simple. On the outside I have an annoying surface that is hard to break through. I am only found when uncovered.

Here is the thing. Onions have enemies and lovers of the pallet. Some like that burn and bite. Stick with an onion and you will notice who is sensitive or not... all asking "are you OK?" as you wipe your eyes. Prepared any which way, they still remain AN ONION. There is no wondering, no second guessing. Even after the onion has come and gone others still know that you have been with the ONION.

I am more than the layers. I am something that is loved deeply and misunderstood strongly, but not by the same. I don't mind. I get to be cousins with the carrot anyways. Right? RIGHT?!?!

Haha. This is my attempt at exposure.

p.s. I get along great with GARLIC.

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