Sunday, September 26, 2010

Personal || Dreams + A Bass

You have a passion that takes you places.... far places. Then you have those things that you love from a distance or maybe dream about when no one is looking. I have one of those. I would love to play the guitar, write music, and sing. Am I doing it? Nope. I only do 1/3 of that dream. Well every once in a while, a person will decide after many years to take on a dream... like opening a restaurant, traveling with a campaign, or for my mom... playing the double bass. Yes, apparently my mom has wanted to play the double bass for quite some time. For her birthday we went down to a shop outside of Boston to take a look. A few days later she had a huge instrument in her little Corolla.

Yesterday I took a few pictures of it. It has been a while since I have picked up my own camera because of work. Felt good to pick up my own equipment. :D


  1. Wow! I didn't know that about your mom. Good for her! And great pictures of the bass. (: