Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Travel || West Boyleston Old Stone Church

I needed to work out some frustration. What was my frustration? Photography. Haha. My love is so frustrating. Sometimes you concentrate so hard on something that you just fall into this trap called "BRAIN BLOCK". Or just the inability to feel it AT ALL.

I was avoiding the idea of taking stupid... boring... hideous pictures. But the only way to conquer my little fears (yes little), was to drive. I drove in the heat of the late Spring... with my AC just not quite making it. I was determined to love life, love the fact that I had a car to drive, the fact that I could breathe. I think that I was successful. At least with appreciating life.

Loss makes you be aware of it, ya know? I haven't had any major losses in my life, but I have let little things get me down so that it starts to look like I went through a war. Well yes, life is a war... but looking at what others have lost, I see that I should not be sitting around grumbling. I have breath so I might as well go right on singing... till Jesus comes to take us home. After that I will probably just sing louder. : )

I became more aware of the appreciation of life when several people that I know lost a friend this weekend. I knew this friend just a little and can know for a fact that the loss is great. My sympathies will rest here on the webs.

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