Sunday, May 23, 2010

Insight || Catching The First Rays

I have life at my finger tips and I am overwhelmed. I am not really sure where to begin in undertaking the possibilities, but the options I do have are pretty incredible. I have been given many gifts by God. I am just beginning to realize that I need to cultivate them. I cannot be sitting around hoping that they will take flight or make a difference. I have to research, stretch, and stir up what I have been given.

Everything must be cultivated. Gardens, relationships, talents, knowledge, portfolios, chemicals. Why we sit around bored, I don't know. Why I sit around and think that boredom has me prisoner, I don't know. We have to realize that, just like those in New England who sit out on the beach in their sweaters trying to catch the first rays of spring, we must catch blessings the first time they appear. Even when we are chest deep in discomfort or... muck.

I have to remember this too.

May we jump at the first sight of a good thing. Do a little dance. Then run with the good thing.

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