Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unexpected With The Expected

I am not really big on Holidays. Strange isn't it? For someone who works well under routine, you would think I would enjoy the tradition. Routine definitely is functional and allows me the opportunity to just NOT forget things, but it really does not make me feel alive. I don't get overly happy over expected events and courtesies. I stand there dumb and mute. Just ask my family about Birthday songs in front of lit up frosted cakes. Paralyzed is definitely how I roll in the expectation department.

So Valentine's Day approached with me biting the bullet of expectation. Hahaha.... it really wasn't so bad. Thankfully the one I had to share it with understands my weirdness. He actually surprised me early with a Flickr Pro account. That made me beam, without expectation. For those that might know me, I hate spending money. I previously created two accounts so that I could still put up pictures without spending a measly $25. Haha... ya... well the reason I am posting is to show you some pictures of the flowers I received. Some of them are not yet in bloom, hence the green exploding in the frame. It prolongs the enjoyment. The lilies are pretty strong so the bouquet is residing in my bathroom at the moment.

I still have to do some more tweaking to the Flickr Pro account but I have most of my pictures from both accounts all here in one. I also want to change my username and fix the address. It will be nice to have a place to upload photographs the day that I take them. I am not sure how I will approach the blog from now on with things working there now. I might just put up one picture and then put the rest there for people to browse through. We will see...

Check out the link that I posted above!

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