Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day After || Worn

We all get pretty worn out sometimes. Timid hearts, bitter resistance, indifference plaguing your motivation. These things all come from burn out... tainted sorrow. I sometimes find it hard to look at the beauty in all of this. It seems to drown out the light, making it real hard to see. Logically it does exist, but is it the only thing that has to envelop our thoughts? I am discovering that even though we are worn out... just unable to move forward... we are still breathing. We have our thoughts and the ability to respond. So, somehow we have to find the energy to get moving. We need to revive what is pealed paint and rusted through. Sometimes we even have to fully replace what used to exist, but in the end we are still the same purpose and fire. I have to remind myself that even though purpose is not fully clear in this life, I do have talents. They give me a glimpse into what I am capable of. In the end I have to pray for the motivation because that is the one thing that belongs to God.

I actually left my house to take pictures on Friday. Amazing isn't it? Chris has really been urging me to get out there and find stuff, but I still experience shyness in having people watch me use my camera. I am not really sure what has caused me to be so timid about it. Anyways, here are a few pictures taken from a few places that Chris thought would be a fun to photograph. The second and third photographers were taken with a fisheye attachment so the images are a little blurred/distorted. I thought I should give experimenting a good try.

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  1. Hey there, Kerry from Birch Blaze here. Great work, love this post! Gotta love urban decay! I wanted to also thank you for linking to us and tell you that we're very honored to be included with the amazing photographers you have on this list. Keep up the good work!