Monday, January 18, 2010

What Is Your Color IQ?

So I was given these photography tutorial videos by John Paul Caponigro to check out. So far I am pretty amazed by the information. Photography seems more scientific than I thought it was. I still need to look into more information about where this guy figured this stuff out. Like for example, color is something that we perceive and according to Caponigro our physiology has a lot to do with how we perceive color. Pretty AWESOME! So there is this color IQ test called Munsell Hue Test that you should all try out. I did not do very well. Haha. I can blame it on the sun glare on my computer screen for now. Later on I will take it when the screen is easier to see, though I do not know that it will make much difference. This test helps you figure out where your deficiencies are in the color spectrum so that when you have to compare colors and such you know you need to pay special attention to those trouble areas. So take the test already!

Sorry no picture today. This makes me happy enough for now. When I can try and apply science to art it makes me a very happy person. They are so interconnected! If anyone tries to separate the two it bothers me to some extent, but that is only a biased opinion because I enjoy both. It is my lack of decision making that makes me stubborn enough to say that, YES, I can have both.

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  1. (science to art) Yes, I believe it is possible to have both, and even more. For there is the mental, social and the spiritual rim as well. Society has been so satisfied with just these two dimensions for so long that it forgets that there is more too life. When we have the full picture of life we are aloud to move about with all our freedom to then see the truth in all it's glory.