Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Days = Projects

This winter day is looking more like spring with a summer twist. Let me explain. First, it is raining. Second, the rain is coming down so hard that it sounds like one of those summer downpours. Now that that is explained I can move on. My mom has been wanting to make curtains for some of the rooms in the house for quite some time. We finally were able to run down to JoAnne's in Shrewsbury for the purchases. We came out quickly and satisfied with two orders made. You have to see the fabric that we picked out for the dining room. It is crisp and bright. Just right for a day like this.

We also picked out some lovely sheers for the living room which go perfectly with the wall color. Here I will show you how my mom hung the now finished drapes. She still has to complete the curtains for the largest window in the room. I will be helping her with the dining room curtains once I have completed this blog, but here is the other picture.

Rain, rain. Go away!

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