Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Organized Inspiration

Growing up I always put things into order. Whether it was by color, number, height, importance, age, or any pattern that my imagination could think of. I thrive on lists but I never refer to them. Visually I like seeing the list sitting there staring at me, letting me know that I have five or so things to do. I then keep the whole picture stored away in my brain for further use. The list ends up getting neglected and I feel like a conqueror.

I have never really been able to get myself into scrap booking. Putting pictures of random people with random birthday hats with stickers just never appealed to my creativity. I questioned my reasoning because I really did enjoy looking at albums created by friends and such. I envied people who could stand taking pictures of every move during an event. But I quickly rid myself of the greenness and satisfied myself with the idea that what I was ultimately enjoying were the visual presentations and well.... lists of events in people's lives. I admire those that can sit there and create such beautiful lists. I can never do anything that pretty to my lists.

My functional lists consist of white card stock, plastic sleeves, magazines, scissors, a glue stick, and a three ring notebook (I did buy a small stash of black card stock). I have complied a few articles from photography magazines containing random tips and also a selection of single model poses. They do not include any of my own photographs (though I am sure my early days in photography could inspire me to catch the fire again).

It is hard for me to visualize in my head how someone should stand without looking tired or slumped. So, after getting an idea from other professional photographers, I decided to look through clothing magazines and study how the models placed their hands, feet, and moved their heads. I felt overwhelmed by just looking at them and so I had to cut them out, organize the poses, and then place them on the card stock. Right now the pages are few, but they will grow with time. After a while I might change up my pages... get more drastic with the poses. I also plan to write on the pages ways I could tell the people to get into position. I have to practice up so that I can focus on the light and carry a conversation all at the same time.

Being visual is something that I thank God for. He has shown me that it is where I can find myself most confident. I want to bring humanity to what is visually pleasant and satisfying. They must see that not everything in the world is stagnant, harsh, and menacing. Peace must rest upon humanity's eyes at some point in this life.

Purpose. It is inspiring.

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