Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day After || Fighting

Introducing the Day After themed blog!

Day after what? : the Sabbath (Saturday)
What is for today? : reflection of beliefs and discovery
Why show this? : I believe Truth is set by God and it must be shared
Any photography? : my life and my talent need to be continually brought back to Home Base

What do we do with that (refer to title)? Some would place a negative connotation quickly to this topic. I, on the other hand am discovering another form of fighting. I am discovering that if you fight for what is yours, it is a very constructive and healthy situation. If I decide to pick a fight over how you eat your strawberries, that is aimless and destructive. But if someone tells me that I am no longer allowed to eat strawberries because I just look too happy while I eat them, THEN I can rightfully fight.

Now I know this is pretty absurd, but I had to put across a scenario of such proportions to get across a point. It is harder to notice when we should fight. We tolerate the jabs in our backs, the manipulative words and motives, disrespectful moves, and mockery. We sometimes take it like truth... deep down it affects us even though we put on the face that says "I am not bothered at all". Here is something even stronger and more obscured from our view... we even tolerate our own assumptions. Yes, I said assumptions. We create these stories in our minds to solve the mysteries instead of approaching the source for answers.

We do not fight ourselves and get in there. We satisfy ourselves with the idea that we are worth disrespecting, though no one has really disrespected us. Thoughts come in that tell us that we just are not worth it. I hate this... I am only saying we here because I figure that I am not alone on this. I have to fight to believe that I am an individual of great worth. If I do not wrap my mind around this concept I will not thrive in this life. I will not be able to enjoy the moments where people enjoy each other. I will not be able to catch the moments of beauty patiently. I will force myself into grabbing a few images for some blog on the internet.

I have to know that my purpose in this life is to show the world that love... innocence... pure beauty... and light-hearted faces, do all exist. I have to fight for love. Like a soldier in the night with my shield of faith and my double edged sword. I will give you what Truth says, still exists.

Love. It really is out there in reality.

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