Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Ooglies" and Slumps

I would be more frequent in posting a blog but I have not memorized my password yet... lame yes, but true. I have decided to sell my Nikon D50 at some point for an amount I am not sure about. I have a warranty with it so it might be worth more. I have really been into doing research on photography. All of the "nitty gritty" technical aspects. I have educated myself on lenses, camera specs, and a few areas on photography business. Having my own business in photography sounds more tangible some moments more than others. I could possibly do it on the side... I really like photography.

I wanted to spend this fall thinking about the things that I really enjoy. Like what are the things I easily find myself doing... what do I think about all the time... and so on. I have discovered that photography is something that I love and am passionate about. Sometimes it really is like love. Some days I don't feel "oogly" about photographing stuff... other days I am "madly-sweep me off my feet-in love" with photography. Sometimes it just gives me great excitement and I gain a major thrill from seeing my growth... seeing how comfortable I become each moment that I take a risk in crowds. Right now I am in that slump... the one where the enjoyment is minimal. But I have discovered another side to this love. A part of this love that shows me how it works, how it cam be dependable, and will allow me to improve in many areas of my life. So even though I am not getting goosebumps, I certainly do feel a deep purpose inside. I feel a need. It also lets me know that there will be guaranteed days of enjoyment.

So I decided that since I have not taken any pictures in the last few days or weeks... I will post an old picture that I like.

This gives a glimpse into who I am.

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