Friday, November 6, 2009

I have discovered a few new things this week.

For one, going through old pictures of your life really puts yourself into perspective. It also gives you ideas of what to photograph. You see what makes you happy when you look at a face or an action. So why not try to capture that again?

I also have been struggling with the fact that I don't have a pleasant experience when I photograph with my Nikon D50. Here I have been defending its potential when I alone don't even enjoy the shots till I get them onto my laptop and I can see them. I had a very enjoyable experience the first time I used a digital SLR. It was a Canon Rebel XT. For the longest time I thought maybe I just was not emotionally into it. When I would look into the viewfinder I found myself not really attached to the images within. Like I could only point my finger at an image I wanted to capture and hope it would follow through. I was not able to experience the "in-scene" feeling at all. I want to "hug" pictures... but I cannot. I want to feel like I am a part of what I am capturing... but I am not. I want the camera to be like my eyeball... and it is no where near that. So this week I finally figured out my situation. I talked to my professor about it and he said that cameras have different views. Canons, for instance, are brighter and larger in the viewfinder. I was amazed. It clicked as to what I was enjoying previously and what I was struggling with presently! Now I have to think about selling my camera... or at least check out Hunt's and see the difference.

Last night I went into Boston and took some night shots... enjoy. The following is a church on the campus of Harvard University.

This is just some light art.

I found a bridge that went over a main road. I liked the fact that it turned at one point so that ended up converging at the top.

This one is my MOST favorite. It is of the Charles River. I am standing on the Harvard side and behind me is where they house all of the skulling boats. They were actually practicing at this time too. Pretty neat.

Spiritually this has been a long journey. I know that taking pictures is one way that I can fully enjoy the life that God has given me. I find that looking for beauty out there really lightens my spirits and gets me really pumped up about life. This is my proof that positivity is the key to being happy more often. God wants us to look to the blessings and I find that this is my way. It was hard when I went from complete bliss in photography to complete down-in-the-dump feelings. I became a little bitter when the camera broke at camp, causing my down-in-the-dumps. Then I got this new camera, that I currently have, and I just wasn't getting excited again. I am still trying to figure out the lesson I have learned through this, but I find that now knowing that the experience is half the fun (not just having a great picture) is what makes me happy.

If you ask God for help, he definitely opens up your eyes to the windows and doors.

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