Friday, November 20, 2009

Conquer Defeat

So the next day I decide to write. I am in a bind. I am taking a digital imaging course and well the project I am working on is not entirely my favorite. It is really holding me down. I have to try and be honest with how I feel about certain emotions, but I understand that it is important to conquer some of those emotions. The brain is powerful. I should be taking advantage of the fact that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I am too realistic sometimes. This has held me down. A solution to this is rather blurry... but I will find it.

I need to get up the courage to ask people to model for me. For some reason I expect them to all just say "no" or hurry up and run away. My first experience with photographing people was with children. My first experience with photographing young adults was a toss up. Some came up with their own ideas for a shoot, while others... put... it... off... till... the... last... minute. There were some moments when I thought a shoot would be HARD and I was happily surprised. Other times I had models that were TOO easy... so easy that it almost looked set up from some other photographer's website.

I like personality in my photographs. Quirks. Scars. Hesitation. But what makes those challenging aspects beautiful are the little sparks that people possess. When I am able to catch the moment they decide to let themselves out for a split second is what sends chills down my spine during post processing. I don't always see it during the session. Sometimes it is only a battle between the subject and camera. I have no idea. It is when I set back and look, that I find that the models either conquer or end in defeat. I hope to help in the conquering. As a beginning photographer I have to learn to play the part of reinforcement. As I grow in this field I plan to see less and less defeat.

People need to feel safe. Courageous. Shining-Different. Like they are meant to be placed special on this planet we call Earth.

By the way... it doesn't take an expensive and ritzy camera to catch smiles. The first photograph I took with a point and shoot Sony (I believe). Use what you have to its full potential till you learn more about other cameras and their abilities. Then decide what you want from a camera, then upgrade. Don't overwhelm yourself with all those gadgets!

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