Monday, August 11, 2014

North Central Massachusetts Wedding Photographer || Duarte Wedding Reception

Every event that I photograph has its own beauty to unfold in front of me. My favorite moments to photograph are ones that let themselves evolve. When we interact as humans there is this great spark of life. All the devices and technology out there can seem to dull the senses, but I have found that that spark still exists. Love for life is probably the greatest desire to have. 

Putting my own insights aside, I have to say that this wedding reception was a favorite! We enjoyed a fabulous dinner, wonderful sunset views of the city and I captured away. Yes I did eat at this wedding, without prodding. Veronica and Josh are such kind people and made sure that everyone was having a good time, how could I not feel relaxed enough to enjoy it all while I worked. 

The whole experience made me want to get a sailboat though. Nothing to do with weddings, but it made me dream. Creativity and dreaming are an excellent combo, don't you think?

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