Tuesday, May 20, 2014

North Central Massachusetts Photographer || reMix May

Sometimes I am one for few words, especially when I am in my visual realm of creating. I have worked every month trying to perfect the darkness of this theatre. Photography is a crazy spiritual metaphor for me. Despite the harsh light, deep darkness, and chaos of visual business I must work to create beauty. This same application must be made in our everyday lives. We need to focus on seeing the Beauty and Light. 

I will continue to emphasize how a viewer can have a glimpse into the soul of a photographer. They get to see what we feel, understand, and see. Our perspective exposed and naked. You will see the frustration of learning technique, attempts at a new view gone wrong, or even pure mood. In my attempts to be what God has made me to be I hope that God works His miracles and lets you see what He wants you to see in the images that I take. 

I hope that you see the fellowship, hard work, and determination of those who present month to month. Everyone can take what they want from reMix. You can either let God lead or let other opinions (including your own) ruin a moment or even give you a superficial high. God's leading in our spiritual lives is real and intense. We forget what is around us and begin to see that God is our focus and passion. 

Ya, we get caught up in ourselves sometimes or let the little things bother us. We become fearful of what others might think or even let our own ambitions get in the way of what God would like to do. But at the end of the day, or should I say the beginning, we should not forget what God has done for us and what He can do through us. 

Let Him shake your world.

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