Monday, March 24, 2014

North Central Massachusetts Event Photography | Lauren's Bridal Shower

New beginnings and the preparations for them are filled with so much energy and excitement! A couple of Sundays ago I got to witness this happiness. I had the privilege of photographing a bridal shower for Lauren (the bride of course). I could see how blessed she was with family and friends gathered around to eat, give, and enjoy learning about her and Tyler's (the groom) relationship just a little bit more. I had no voice that weekend and so somehow I managed to talk, everyone was gracious about it. Despite this fact I had a really good time and a little spark grew inside of me for photographing more times like these and all related. Never photographed a bridal shower before, so like I have said, I love firsts! It keeps me on my toes!

I hope you enjoy a few (more like many) of the photos from the shower. May you live happily ever after Lauren and Tyler!

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