Thursday, August 8, 2013

Family || Kirosha & Hanani

I have been reading forums. Yes, not staring at other photog blog photos wishing I was that amazing. I read the advice, looked at comparisons, took the challenges and then decided I needed to take photos. Stat. I have been messing around with my iPhone, which I think I should do a post on, which has helped me to forget fine technicality and embrace composition. I still feel a tenseness when using my D300s. It makes me feel like I can only do certain things and like I have to be something great. Well I asked a friend if she would like to have some photos taken because I really really wanted to practice again. Honestly I haven't done a shoot in the evening before, which is when the light is best. But yesterday was my first time and though it has the best light, no one ever tells you that its tricky. You have to approach the challenge like searching for treasure. You can get blasted with light or you can get really dull shadows. I was scared of the washed out grass as seen below, but once I got it on the computer I was like hmm... this isn't so bad. It is actually rather interesting. Backlighting accomplished!

It was a pleasure to work with these two. We got a workout climbing the long stairs to the top of the dam and even rested a bit with the breeze in our faces. The reservoir was amazing last night! SOOOoo going there again, not just for shoots! Well here you have it. A post of pictures along with some inside expression of a growing photographer. Yes I am a photographer.

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