Monday, September 24, 2012

Honeymoon || Part 1

The time has come for me to show the photos from our trip. It has been a couple weeks now and it almost seems far away that we had our adventure. We spent 2 weeks driving from Seattle, WA to Santa Barbara, CA and then back up to San Jose, CA for our flight home. We rented the smallest car possible, haha. They did not have any Corollas so we were like, "why not save a little on gas and get this fun little thing instead?" 

Chris had made reservations for the Salish Lodge & Spa. I wanted to buy their pillows. That is how wonderful it was. I only put in a few pictures from the place because well you have to go there yourself! The waterfall was beautiful and breakfast was more than just breakfast. Washington has beautiful scenery, especially the trees. If New England had their pine trees I think that home would be almost heaven. The hotel was very in touch with the surroundings.

We started driving right away, the next day, and snagged a picture of the official Oregon state line on the bridge and made sure to capture the "fancier" one on the other side. Once we reached Portland I felt like I had stopped back in time. Well actually I felt like a time warp had gone wrong and spit out every decade possible. Bikers were everywhere and the randomness was crazy. I couldn't even capture it all. So different. Chris liked that city for some reason, haha. 

We didn't stay long in Portland but kept heading toward the coast where we found fog, BIG rocks, and more beautiful trees. The pelicans were my favorite and I pretty much snapped away too much on those birds. So big and awkward. All along the way I would see a little scene that I felt depicted the state well. Most of it was the same so the little jewels of sun hitting just right or the clouds that fell randomly, I had to capture. 

Both Oregon and Washington were states that Chris and I had not seen before. We found random phone booths, quirky bridges, and I think there was a cow or two every step of the way on the trip. The locals in Washington are SUPER nice too. We were trying to merge into a lane under construction, our windows wide open, and this guy in the other lane says "move right in! what kind of car is that anyways?" Ya. So nice right?! You wouldn't catch a New Englander doing that in a construction zone, EVER. In my next post we will look at Crater Lake and beyond! Oh we even started the license plate game at the beginning of this trip. Stay tuned.

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