Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fighting For Love

I fought back. I resisted. I yelled. Somewhere in there I loved. I punched thousands of times, but I never walked away. I knew that what I was fighting was also what I had been DYING to fight for. Love. It is not roses, sweet things, sweet nothings, or even agreements.

It is where someone else sees the big picture and knows your potential. It is breath-taking to know that you aren't bringing someone else into your world. It is soul gripping to step into a world full of people. It is not about having someone else understand you, it is about completely getting it when someone else expresses.

In the past I only loved what I had created within my mind. Today I love what I am being shown. I will probably continue being cryptic and rather chatty, but maybe that is just my contributing flavor.

For those who would rather see a picture than words, here you go.


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